Did you inform your landlord about the necessary repairs, but haven't seen any progress toward getting them fixed?


If You Are Having Housing Disrepairs, You Could Claim Up To £10,000

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Do you find it impossible to enjoy your home due to disrepair issues? Are problems like water damage and faulty heating systems constantly bothering you? If YES, it’s time to solve this issue and let us help you get the repairs that you need.
Don’t let house disrepair deprive you of the joy of living in your own home. Apply for a tax rebate today and take the first step towards living in a safe and comfortable home.


Landlords, housing associations, and local authorities have
a legal obligation to maintain their properties in a good condition and ensure
that they are free from any kind of damage or deterioration

Damp matter

Mould matter

Water leaks

Heating matter

Damaged windows

Structural matter


Broken doors

Electrical matter

A large number of people in the UK rent their homes, but most of them do not know what their rights are as tenants. According to reports, an overwhelming 97% of renters are not aware of their rights, which can be especially problematic when it comes to getting repairs done in the rental property.

When it comes to getting the compensation you're entitled to, the process can often be frustrating and time-consuming. That's why our team of compensation experts is here to help. We understand the legal complexities involved in these types of cases and can navigate them on your behalf.

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